SIBELIUs at the Living Planet Symposium

Several members of the SIBELIUs team, from the UK and Mongolia, will be attending the Living Planet Symposium being held in Milan, Italy in May.

Three SIBELIUs papers will be presented: (1) discussing how satellite Earth Observation data can be used to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, within a Mongolian context, (2) on the monitoring of Mongolian Rangelands and (3) on monitoring Mongolian infrastructure such as gers, livestock shelters and tracks and roads.


The European Space Agency’s Living Planet Symposium is one of the biggest Earth observation conferences in the world. The event attracts scientists from around the world and has a strong focus on Earth observation’s role in building a sustainable future and a resilient society.

The SIBELIUs project will make extensive use of data from European Space Agency satellites, particularly from Sentinel-2, so this Symposium will provide an excellent forum for the team to discuss their results with other scientists and engineers, to ensure we are up to date, with the latest ideas algorithms and technology.

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