The SIBELIUs project is providing improved pasture monitoring capabilities in Mongolia to support their large and economically significant herding community. Satellite Earth observation provides an efficient means for monitoring environmental parameters, such as pasture, snow and drought, over large regions, which can facilitate improved pasture management decisions and to allow preparations to be made when harsh conditions are developing. The SIBELIUs team is working with key Mongolian stakeholders to develop Earth observation derived products to serve a wide range of end users. SIBELIUS is supported by the UK Space Agency’s International Partnership Programme (IPP).

SIBELIUs is using three existing networks to deliver the benefits of the project to the herding communities:

  1. Government agencies coordinating livestock and land use.
  2. Directly to the herders through social media, text messaging and television broadcasts.
  3. Through finance and insurance sectors.


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