New equipment installation

SIBELIUs team members Dominic Flach and Filippo Contenta enjoyed a very productive week in Ulaanbaatar, working with the IRIMHE / NAMEM team on a series of installation tasks.

New satellite receivers have been installed at the Information & Research Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology and Environment within NAMEM to allow the reception and processing of NOAA & MetOp AVHRR data and an upgrade for the reception and processing of VIIRS products from the new NOAA 20 satellite. New servers have also been installed to process and store the new MODIS and VIIRS satellite data and the new derived Level-2 products.


Team photo.

For training purposes, Virtual Machines have been installed on the computers in the training room. This will facilitate in-place training at NAMEM using Jupyter Notebooks.

b Filippo-Elbeg-desks

Filippo Contenta and Elbegjargal Nasanbat in the NAMEM training room.

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