The SIBELIUs visualisation website

The SIBELIUs team have developed a visualisation website, that displays current and historical satellite derived environmental products covering the whole of Mongolia. A key feature is that this website should be usable by anyone, including experts, for example from within MOFALI or the Land Management agency, but also for soum governors and other officials in the countryside. The main products that are readily accessible are related to pasture, snow and drought, but also very useful are the red, green, blue (RGB) images similar to what we would see visually.

Products are usually available in a higher (10-20 metre) or lower resolution (250 metre) formats. The higher resolution data has the obvious advantage that it is possible to see more detail on the ground than the lower resolution versions. However, it is possible to provide more frequent updates of the lower resolution data (every 10 days) compared to the higher resolution (every month), which is because the lower resolution data is acquired more frequently and it is therefore more likely to see the ground from the satellite with being contaminated by clouds.

Poor pasture conditions were widespread across the a large region of Mongolia during the summer of 2020, as indicated by the red colour, which highlights the “pasture anomaly”, i.e. where the current pasture (from July 2020) is significantly lower than its normal level is for this time of year. The bar chart below shows the pasture conditions in the Buucagaan soum for the whole growing season, compared to the average conditions, which are indicated by the blue line. It can be seen that the pasture, as indicated by the bar chart, was substantially worse than average for nearly all of the year.
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